My copyright logo. Should we really be using them on our work? Is there a better option?

Copyright Logos, should we use them?

To copyright or not to copyright, that is the question.

Although most countries grant copyright once the work is complete. Many people believe they should advertise this. To deter would-be thieves from stealing their work (this is usually in the form of a copyright logo).

But in the 21st century, is there a point to these old stamps. Let’s dive in and find out what’s good, what’s bad and well I’d say what’s ugly but I can answer that now. Most of the copyright logos in the world…

Why should I be using copyright logos?

Using copyright logos also offers you a certain amount of advertising in the world. In most cases for free. This is if the pesky image thieves used your image. Without caring about the repercussions. (Side note: Let me know if you would like to see an article about this). Other than free advertising though. Using copyright logos allows you to build brand identity for yourself.

In some creative work. Seeing a copyright logo on a piece of work means you’re dealing with some form of professional. So, why not join in on this? Increase your level of professionalism by adding copyright logos to your work.

Why shouldn’t I be using copyright logos?

Outside of copyright logos, there is another option. Embedding the copyright information into the file’s metadata! This does need some knowledge and experience in Photoshop or an equal piece of software to do. But this method is harder to identify without knowing how and can be hard to remove. If you need another reason to do this. Then, if you do ever take legal action against someone using your image, here is your proof that you own the image.

This last one is subjective, so you might completely disagree with me. But, I think that copyright logos can ruin photos when you look at them. Most of the time a copyright logo should be small enough so it doesn’t overpower the image but big enough so it’s visible.

In conclusion

But, they are still worth using to give some deterrence to the more basic image thief. But also add to the defenses from the more advanced thief. If they want my image for free, then I’m going to put up a fight! This is what I recommend others do to. If you’re interested in an article on methods of protecting your work then let me know.

I hope this article has helped you decide whether to put copyright logos on your work. If it hasn’t or you need more information then hit me up either in the comments, in an email or over on twitter. If you’re interested in reading more then check out my blog and until next time.

Thanks for reading



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